Month: May 2014

Photos added

Hi all, Jeff here. Sorry it took a few extra days, but we got the pictures put up from the first dinner. Check them out here: www.localrelic.com/albums/may-17th/ If you have any pictures from the event, and you don’t mind sharing, please send them over to me at jeff@localrelic.com. Thanks, and enjoy!

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Second Beer Dinner Announced! June 14th!

Hi all, We were intentional when we started brainstorming the idea for this; we knew we wanted to do a series. How much fun is it to show off beers that are intentionally seasonal if you only do it one time? So, experience the changing seasons of Colorado through your taste buds — Join us […]

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Focus on the Beer (Blog Link)

Hi all, Jeff here. We hope you can join us for dinner this Saturday! Tickets are moving quick, so if you’re on the fence, don’t delay! We did two events two summers ago, very similar to this. It was the most fun I’ve ever had hosting a dinner. These will be even cooler. That’s right, […]

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We’ve been excited for this moment. Really excited. So excited, in fact, we’re jumping the gun a bit. But we’re also a touch behind. So we can’t give you too much information yet. But we can’t not give you anything. So: remarkable beer; impeccable food; people you’re sure to call friends. Trust us, you don’t […]

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