The Local Relic Beer Repository — No Flagships Here

Want to skip the dialogue, and get right to the good part? The Local Relic Beer Repository

We’ve been working pretty hard for the last few weeks working on a project, and we’re putting it live on the site tonight: the Local Relic Beer Repository. It’s a catalog of all of the beers we’ve made (40 strong so far), with all the essential details (ABV, O.G., F.G., IBU, Fermentables, Hops, and Adjuncts). You can view the beers by style, or browse through the complete list. We’ll work our way back through with the tasting notes as we can, but we wanted you to be able to see the full range of talent that is Grant.

You won’t ever catch us with just the obligatory five beers on tap. Yes, we might have an IPA, Pale, Red, Amber, Brown, Stout, Wheat, etc, but they’ll never just be that. Want to see what we mean? Check out the Beer Repository here.