A letter from the team…

To our loyal customers,

First of all, no we aren’t going anywhere. But we need your help.

These are unprecedented times. As a business built intentionally on the idea of meeting your neighbors and creating real community, to suddenly find ourselves in an environment where social-distancing is the norm and isolation is encouraged is disconcerting, to say the least. While the times are uncertain, we are confident that the ideals that we all share will keep this community strong even in the face of challenges. 

Bottles To Go:

  • When you visit us in the tasting room, please peruse the selection and pick up a few bottles to stock the fridge. If you’re not feeling well or are nervous about being out, call us to place an order and we’ll pack everything up and have it ready to go.  The list is updated on the website in real time. Hit us up at 719-270-0077.
  • We’re taking the extraordinary step of making beers traditionally only available to members available to the public.  Pricing is still favorable to members, but come and get your beer on. This won’t last forever, so buy what you want and realize that you’re going to need a membership to access Grant’s glory after the pandemic has passed.  #sorrynotsorry
  • We know this is having a different impact financially on everybody, and if you’re hard-hit in the pocketbook (or are going to be soon), we’re happy to extend a 10% discount to you on your bottle purchases, just ask. We’re going to make every effort to keep our staff at regular hours through this ordeal, and if you’re fortunate to have some stability and are willing to pay shelf price, it will help us in that goal.

Memberships and/or Gift Memberships and/or Gift Certificates:

  • Any gift certificate/membership/additional purchase is greatly appreciated. If you have the means, and have been meaning to share the love of Local Relic with friends or family, this might be a great time for a gift membership. 

When Grant first brought up the idea to open a brewery, he said he didn’t want to do beer the way anybody else did. When Jeff brought his vision, it was to operate a tasting room unlike any other, with a passion and intentionality to create a legacy that we could all be proud of. And Melissa brought the hard work and dedication to ensure that it was all created in a model that would serve the community for generations. While we anticipated challenges, we knew with your help, we’d be able to make it through and emerge stronger for it. 

So we say: Every dollar you spend is an opportunity to vote for the world you want to live in. We appreciate your support. Please be equally intentional about supporting other locally owned businesses. Together, we create the community we desire.  

When all of this has passed,  we’ll have a gathering to celebrate all of our small business champions and thank them for their support.  But until then, thank you. Seriously, from the depths of our beings thank you for supporting us.

Elbow Bumps,

Jeff, Melissa, Grant, and the Local Relic team