Colorado Springs Brewery Bingo

To be sure, these are crazy times for all of us. But at Local Relic, the uncertainty has only driven us closer to our philosophy of community.

We started with a virtual Easter Egg Hunt to benefit locally owned restaurants, where we gave bottles of our Jellybean Tripel to restaurants, for free, and encouraged you, the public, to order from your favorites in hope of randomly getting a free bottle to enjoy with your meal. Next, we kicked off our #LiquidLoveNotes campaign to say thank you to first responders, healthcare workers, and frontline employees.

Now, we’re excited to launch Colorado Springs Brewery Bingo! After all, you didn’t think we’d leave our partners in craft beer out, did you?

    The Rules:

  • Pick up a bingo card at Local Relic
  • Make a purchase at any local brewery, whether it’s beer to go, merch, or a gift card. Any purchase helps!
  • Have the staff mark off their square (or mark it in their presence — y’know, social distancing…)
  • Complete a bingo (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal, no funny business)
  • Bring your completed bingo card to Local Relic, tell us what you like, and we’ll pick out a free bottle for you to take home!
  • (Sorry, we don’t have a version to print at home, the randomizer doesn’t print nicely through a browser…)

When we were forced to transition to carry-out only, we reminded you that every dollar you spend is a vote for how you want the community to look on the other side of this. And even as things inch towards normal-ish, your support of local businesses (and our friends in the brewing community specifically) still means the world to us.

So come down to Local Relic to pick up a bingo card, make purchases with other local breweries, and come back and collect your free beer!