What if a brewery and a Farm Share had a baby? It would be a beautiful bouncing bundle of unique and limited beers. Four to be exact, every month. And at a really reasonable price? Oh come on, get signed up already.

Why would we do this? The membership idea stems from a Farm Share, or CSA, which sells a share of its product in advance to help offset costs incurred by the producer. Effectively, you are pre-buying a share of the beer made each month at Local Relic and helping us to be financially successful (Thanks!). Except these beers never see the outside world. Well, not in a wholesale sense anyway. These beers are available only to members. And they are spectacular. Sometimes there’s a theme, sometimes it’s stuff we might want some feedback on, but every time it’s great.

Some can be cellared, some consumed immediately. Grant’s going to do a write up for each one, with suggestions for storage/consumption, statistics, inspirations, etc. A peek into the brain of the mad scientist. We’ll also include some pairing notes for those that lend themselves especially well to food.

This is really limited. We only have enough brew for a small handful of really dedicated beer-o-philes. Don’t miss this bus, it might not come by this stop again for a while.

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Local Relic Monthly Membership

Local Relic Monthly Membership

Local Relic Monthly Membership

Monthly recurring membership- $45
Includes: 4 beers per month (Grant’s Choice), 500 ml format bottles

CSA / Farm Share meets Wine of the Month Club, except you can't get these beers anywhere else!

HEY! See that box down there asking who sent you? If they're a member, they'll get a free month for sending you! How do you get your free beer? Send your friends here to join the membership, and make sure they put down your name! That's four free beers, per referral! But it might not last, do don't delay!
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