Membership Drive! Free Beer!

Get your free beer here! It’s our annual membership drive!

We’re cranking out some really consistent batches on the big system, and we think it’s time to bulk up the crew. And besides, what’s the Christmas season without a gift, or an ask?

We’re kicking off our Holiday Membership Drive, and we want to give you some free beer for helping us out! We added a question to the membership purchase process to ask people who sent them to us. If you’re already a member, and they put your name in, we’ll give you a free month. That’s right, a free month! Not only that, but there’s no limit. So get three friends to pick up a membership? We’ll give you three free months. 12? Get a year on us (well, on them…). The catch, though — you have to be a member. So pop on over to https://localrelic.com/memberships and pick up your membership, then get on out there, tell your friends about us, and encourage them to get buying! What better way to brighten the holidays?