Archive Events :: September 2014

September 20th

The Menu: 

:: Westcliffe Wet-Hop SMASH Pale Ale // Radish and Cabbage Slaw, Red Apple, Chives, Aleppo Lemon Vinaigrette

:: Tequila Barrel Aged Agave IPA // Shrimp al Pastor, Black Garlic Coconut Rice, Cilantro Chimichurri, Scarlett Corn

:: Cherry Limeade (Summer Lime Wine) // Abundant Harvest Mixed Lettuces, Brown Butter Mushrooms, Citrus Mint Vinaigrette, Cracked Pepper

:: Peat Smoked Wee Heavier Ale // Butter Poached Pork Loin, Seared Fig, Glazed Carrot and Parsnip, Mustard Green Emulsification, Pomegranate Nectar, Savory Nutmeg Peach Bread Pudding

:: Peanut Butter and Jelly Beer // Chocolate Banana Bread, Marshmallow Cream, Chipotle Bacon Tuille, Bruleed Banana, Cinnamon Molasses Ice Cream