Meet the Beer :: Christmas in July Ale

Hi all, Melissa here. To date, all of our blog entries have been a little bit square.  I’d like to take a second and tell you all why I am excited, personally, about this beer lineup.  A peek behind the curtain, if you will.

The Christmas in July Ale is one close to my heart.  My family is spread far and wide in Texas, and holidays are stressful.  My dad, being the reconciler, decided years ago that it wasn’t fair to ask all the kids and their spouses to split time on the actual day, run all over, feel guilty for time spent or not spent, and ultimately not enjoy the holiday because of the family obligation.  So he called dibs on Fourth of July- a pretty innocuous holiday, really.  We do the whole thing- Christmas dinner, tree, presents (that must be wrapped in appropriate Christmas paper), music, and of course drinking and family drama.

I haven’t made a Christmas in July in a few years, but I’m so excited about this beer because it embodies all of the fun and feeling that Christmas should- spicy, warm, and comforting.  It’s a darker amber with a deep, complex malt.  Light on hops but still crisp, with a gentle spice lent from cinnamon sticks, whole vanilla beans, cloves, coriander, allspice, and fresh orange peel, that are all steeped in the boil. Blackstrap molasses, Colorado Clover Honey and Lyle’s Golden Syrup will add richness and depth (and some ABV’s). It’s built on the Old Ale style, but it’s like none I’ve ever had.  I can’t wait.  And I’d love to have you all as my stand-in family this Christmas.

Want to try it? There’s only one way: get your tickets here.