Meet the Beer: Three Melon Kolsch

Well, hello summer in a glass!  This beer is different.  Not the different that you use to describe a friend when you’re trying to set them up with another friend, or the different that you think of when you are talking about your 2nd cousin on your dad’s side.  Good different.  The kind of different that keeps you coming back.
It’s crazy complex- nose and mouth are pretty different.  What is exceptional though, is when you smell it, you get a strong honeydew and canteloupe smell.  Taste it, and it’s all watermelon.  Big, ripe, satiating in the summer watermelon, with just a faint reminder of the honeydew and cantelope that you smelled earlier.  It’s light, not sweet, but redolent of the fruit.  I don’t know how he did it, but Grant my friend, you’ve outdone yourself.  I may like this one better than the cucumber saison.


Want to try it? There’s only one way: get your tickets here.