Colorado Springs Brewery Bingo BETA

The Rules:

  • Pick up a card at Local Relic (or print your own at home!)[print-me do_not_print=”.layout-sidebar”]
  • Make a purchase at any local brewery, whether it’s beer to go, merch, or a gift card. Any purchase helps!
  • Have the staff mark off their square (or mark it in their presence — y’know, social distancing…)
  • Complete a bingo (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal, no funny business)
  • Bring your completed bingo card to Local Relic, tell us what you like, and we’ll pick out a free bottle for you to take home!

Brewery Bingo

*yes, we know there are a few missing breweries, how cool is it that there aren’t even room for all of them! Click refresh, and you’ll see a different mix.

For what it’s worth, we also love our friends in the rest of the craft beverage movement. While they aren’t in the bingo grid above, we’d love to have you support them too!