Hey Members!

So many of you lovely people have asked about what you can do to support us through this madness.  And we haven’t really had an answer, since we do not like the idea of unrewarded contribution into the business.  But now, we think we have it.
We are going to purchase some really cool bar chairs, and we’d like your help in doing so.  There are a few rules (of course), but here’s the nitty gritty:
-Members Only
-Purchase of chair includes placard recognition to be attached to the chair
-You can’t kick people out of your chair if they are using it before you get in
-You are welcome to point out that you are a supporter of our business at its core, which includes your membership and the sponsorship of furniture in the room.  You must wish them a good day and tell them you hope they get as much enjoyment from sitting there as you did from sponsoring it.
-Melissa reserves the right to redecorate, but will move your placard to a new seat if it is necessary
-Pricing is as follows:
–Lifetime Members – we already ordered yours and we need to know what you want on your placard
–Annual Members – $175 per chair with placard
–Monthly Members – $225 per chair with placard
We realize this may seem trivial, but it allows us to upgrade the room itself, which improves the overall experience.  That is what we have always valued, the overall experience!  It provides cash flow for us to achieve that, and it allows us to recognize you all as the supporters that you are.
If you want a personalized chair, please email us at memberships@localrelic.com and we’ll get you through the process.
Oh, you also can’t put foul language on the placard, but inside jokes or nicknames are absolutely cool.  Yes, ass counts as foul language because a certain 6 year old can read now.
Thanks for playing along!