Easter Egg Hunt Partner Page

Thanks for checking this page out for more info on our second annual Easter Egg hunt. Last year’s promotion was a blast, but of course, with all this Coronapocalypse, we’re doing things a little differently. And we’re working together to promote you.

The What:

We’ll bring you four(*) bottles of Local Relic’s Jelly Bean Tripel, a Belgian Style Tripel brewed with real jelly beans (30 pounds of beans in this 30 gallon batch!), clocking at a not-dainty 9.0% ABV. These bottles are completely free, we’re asking you to add them at random (or at least pseudo-random) to different to-go or delivery orders. We’ll promote your restaurant on our social media over the timeframe of the promotion, encouraging people to place to-go orders with you, with the hopes of possibly finding a golden easter egg (ie, a free bottle of beer added to their order)!

* and maybe a few extra bottles, depending on how many restaurants sign up…

The When:

Time is tight on this, as Easter is rapidly approaching, but we’d like to run the promotion through Sunday, April 19th. When you fill out the form below, we’ll arrange beer delivery to you either same day or next day, and you can start right away. We’ll begin promotions on our end at the same time, and hope to drive you some new business.

The Why:

We believe in community, and we believe that you, both as a restaurant, and as a locally-owned small business, are vital components to what makes the Colorado Springs area a great place to live. We want to see you survive this unprecedented time, and we want to help.

The Fine Print:

There’s no fine print. We’re giving you free beer, and asking you to give it to your customers. We’ll promote your restaurant and encourage people to place a to-go / delivery order. They’ll spend money with you, you pick a few lucky winners and give them a free beer. That’s it!

Want to play along? An update!

We just had a restaurant ask how they can play along. They’re going to give us some swag (could be gift certificates, coupons, stickers, etc), and asked that we throw it in a few of our to-go/delivery orders to encourage them to place an order with them directly. We think it sounds like fun, so we’re in! If you want to pass along something to us that we can pass to our customers, let us know. If not, that’s totally ok, too. No pressure, we promise!

To Sign Up:

Click here for the sign-up form, or, if it’s easier, message Local Relic on Facebook Messenger at Local Relic, call the tasting room at 719-270-0077, or text or call Jeff on his cell at 719-329-8474.