Gift Memberships

Want to give the gift of Local Relic? Share the same great membership experience you love with somebody close to you. Introduce them to one of your favorite things — they’ll love you for it!

These are (mostly) the same as our regular memberships, with one main exception. They terminate at the end of the purchased period. Given that we have a limited number of memberships available, expect that there may not be room for them to join the membership when their gift runs out, so you may want to encourage them to sign up fast!

Then again, you could also just by regular recurring membership for them! It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

*NOTE* We can’t legally mail beer, so they’ll have to come and pick it up. We’re happy to have you pick it up on their behalf if you’d like, just let us know.

If you’re looking for the regular memberships, click here.