Community Carry-out Easter Egg Hunt

Last year, we created an urban Easter Egg hunt partnering with more than a dozen local retailers in downtown Colorado Springs. This year? Well, times are different. Which is cool, ’cause we have beer. And you’re about to!

Grant made a Jelly Bean Belgian Tripel, (9.0% ABV, a 30 gallon batch brewed with 30 pounds of Jelly Beans) and we’ve hidden it at local restaurants throughout Colorado Springs. And yes, we know you can’t go on a traditional hunt, but trust us, this is the next best thing. Check out the list of restaurants below, place an order for food, and you might just get lucky and find a bottle of this golden magical elixir in your order, absolutely free. Want more bottles? Order more food! Maybe you’ll get lucky twice!

(We also have a small stash at the tasting room you can pick up, but hey, you need to eat, might as well support the local guys we love!)

Own a restaurant and want to play? Click here.

We’re trying to remember where we hid the beers…hang on a sec